Permanent Staffing

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Permanent Staffing

With the increasing scarcity of experienced people in the job market, it is a challenge to find the right employee. Who are the right candidates? Do they have the right knowledge and skills for the long term?

iPS - Powerful People offers full transparency and we are absolutely committed to achieving the ideal match between client requirements and candidate within the maritime, offshore and civil industries.

iPS will start the recruitment process by making an appointment to meet with your company representative to ensure we fully understand the needs of your organization and business, including any specific requirements that the new employee must meet.

iPS applies a comprehensive variety of recruiting methods to find the right candidate. We utilize our extensive network and have an up-to-date database of available candidates. In addition, iPS uses multiple channels of social media through which we are in regular contact with a large group of passively searching candidates. We can also provide additional advertising resources to post your vacancy to generate publicity and attract suitable candidates.

The STAR method is the basis of the selection interviews. 'Behavior from the recent past is the best predictor of future behavior and this is the core of this method. At your request, iPS can provide various independent assessments based on intelligence, competencies and development profiling. Included in our recruitment procedure is a double reference check.

After the selection procedure we will present to you a short list of skillfully selected candidates meeting your criteria. The list includes for each candidate an up-to-date curriculum vitae and report drawn up by the iPS Consultant of the selection interview.

When your company has selected the preferred candidates for interviews, iPS will efficiently coordinate the planning and communication during this phase of the process.

iPS can continue to be involved as an intermediary in order to achieve an efficient conclusion at the completion of a successful recruitment between you and your planned new employee.

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