Oil & Gas, Renewables


Over the years iPS has been synonymous with supplying personnel and staff to the Dutch Dredging industry and in particular to the major companies. This has enabled iPS to build a solid foundation to its operations and created the opportunity to evolve and diversify in other industries when the opportunity arose.    

Nick Spies, Director, explains, “This opportunity came five years ago when the major dredging companies, facing a difficult market, looked to diversify their scope of projects. Being maritime related the choice to invest and develop more within the offshore and renewable industries was therefore a logical step. In order to serve our clients we had to diversify our services accordingly.”  

Five and a half years ago, iPS’ Offshore department consisted of a two-headed team within the head office. 

Nick, “Within a year a decision was taken to set up a team dedicated entirely to the Offshore industry and in 2010 a location was chosen and iPS The Hague was born.  The Offshore department was officially opened a year later.” 

The Offshore department in The Hague now consists of eight people and a second Offshore department has been opened at the Heliport in Den Helder.  

 “Our office in The Hague is the central point for all the Offshore/Oil & Gas business which iPS is serving on a global level.  The Offshore/Oil & Gas sector has become a tremendous growth area within iPS and accounts for more than a third of the present business directly or indirectly related to the Offshore sector.

“Despite the low crude oil price in USD/bbl, we expect continuous growth within the offshore market, so our present team will be increased and perhaps a new location sort.” 

Nick, “Realizing that iPS might be a relatively new name within the Offshore industry, we believe that by being proactive, service-minded and having a dedicated 24-hour availability, iPS has a bright future ahead within the Offshore industry.”

Supplier of personnel for the Offshore/Oil & Gas industry

iPS – Powerful People has extensive experience in a variety of offshore activities. We offer Deckhands for offshore vessels; personnel for installation and heavy lifting equipment, pipe and cable-laying activities, but also Civil Engineers and Project Managers. We provide individuals as well as complete crews. Our cross-over experience in all the levels of offshore activity and dedication helps us to find the right personnel for every offshore project.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas are important sources of energy and the demand for energy will increase even further. Qualified personnel is vital to this industry. iPS offers personnel solutions regarding all aspects of the Oil & Gas industry, from exploration to production for onshore as well as offshore projects.

We recruit highly trained and experienced personnel like deck & crane personnel and drilling & production crew. We also provide staff and management personnel. Our committed consultants are able to draw upon our comprehensive databank, select and swiftly deploy qualified personnel worldwide.

Wind Energy

iPS – Powerful People has now built up a strong international network of experienced and skilled personnel for the Offshore Wind Farming industry. Complete crews for heavy lifting vessels are supplied for the construction of offshore wind farms worldwide, but more phases have been added such as the installation of foundations, the assembling of wind turbines, connections between the turbines and the shore by using dredging equipment and cable laying vessels. In addition, we provide Project Engineers for the design, development and installation phases of renewable energy projects. Our new focus is supplying whole teams for the maintenance work of offshore wind farms. Problem solving. 

Offshore or Oil & Gas Jobs

We want you!
We are always looking for qualified people in Offshore, Oil & Gas and renewable wind energy. Our vacancies vary from Camp Bosses to Safety Officers and from Welders to Project Managers. 

Check our job openings section or contact our Offshore / Oil & Gas Consultants.

Permanent Staffing and Crewing

iPS – Powerful People is able to supply well qualified personnel for positions such as Riggers, DPB, Engineers, Mechanics etc.

Please contact our Consultants for more information.