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Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment is always our priority. iPS complies with the highest health and safety standard procedures.

We ensure our personnel have all the valid training and medical documents. And of course, all maritime crew have the relevant STCW papers. iPS ensure that all national endorsements of the Flag State are met and that personnel are covered by either a private or a state insurance package.


iPS is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Using ISO9001:2015 helps ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits. And since 2012, iPS is OHSAS 18001:2007 certified, the international standard for safety management.

Furthermore, iPS is VCU certified, a renowned Dutch Health and Safety certification. iPS is also in the possession of the MLC:2006 certificate, the convention that ensures labour conditions of seafarers worldwide. 

Our record is exemplary and we monitor every activity in order to make sure all quality, health and safety standards are respected.

D&A policy

Policy for the use of alcohol, drugs and other forbidden narcotic or performance enhancing substances. 

Alcohol, drugs and other forbidden substances

The use, possession, concealment, transportation, sale, production and supply or offer to supply of alcohol, drugs and/or other forbidden substances during the employment period, included the travel to and from the location, is strictly prohibited. If for any reason the employee is suspected of being in possession of the aforesaid substances, iPS and its principals, reserve the right to thoroughly search the employee’s personal possessions and/or work place for proof of possession of these substances.

Narcotic or performance enhancing substances

iPS’ employees who, for whatever reason, are following a course of prescription drugs with possible narcotic effects must inform iPS and its principals immediately. iPS advises its employees to carry with them at all times, during the travel and work period, an English language description/certificate pertaining to the prescription drugs. Drugs that do not have narcotic effects, respective all other substances that may have enhancing properties (meaning any physical or mental effects), must be reported to iPS and its principals immediately when the employee suspects, or ought to suspect, that these substances may be deemed forbidden at the work location.

Drugs Test

iPS and its principals retain the right to carry out (drugs) tests on its employees for the abovementioned substances. If iPS or its principals suspects an employee of consuming any forbidden substances, or the employee acts in a dysfunctional way, iPS and its principals reserve the right to demand that the employee submits himself/herself to undergo a (drugs) test. The majority of iPS’ principals has a policy of conducting, with or without cause, unannounced/random (drugs) tests on employees and reserves the right to carry out these tests either onshore or offshore and at the work place. Employees must be aware, accept and respect the principal’s policy in this respect. Furthermore, the employee considers the principals policy as incorporated in this policy. It is mandatory for all employees to make themselves available, when requested, for (drugs) tests. Refusal to comply with this policy could lead to the employee being refused access to or removal from the work place and to dismissal. The resulting costs incurred will be charged to the (ex) employee.

- Download D&A policy iPS

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