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About us

iPS offers employment of multinational personnel worldwide. Since 1988, iPS has been supplying personnel to the international Maritime and Dredging industry and is renowned as a qualified point of contact. Over the years iPS has expanded its expertise into other sectors which include Energy and Civil. Bringing people together in these industries is what we do. We are dedicated to build relationships.

iPS – Powerful People’s headquarters is in Capelle aan den IJssel, near Rotterdam, the Netherlands and we also have a wide range of overseas offices and agencies in, amongst others, the UK, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Germany and Lithuania. Thanks to our immense international network, iPS is able to offer solutions for personnel problems and get the job done. Always.

Our projects


From Nov 2015 till Nov 2016

Through human inventiveness, the Dutch have lived and prospered on wind for centuries. The wind has been blowing with astounding power for thousands of years. This power offers Gemini an unique opportunity to refocus on wind as  a  power supply for the Netherlands.

The Gemini offshore wind park in the Dutch North Sea is to be one of the world’s largest wind farms, both in terms of size as well as production.

Gemini is being built on two locations close to each other and the official names of the locations are ‘Buitengaats’ and ‘Zee-energie’. With 150 turbines located 85 kilometres north of the Groningen coast, Gemini will generate energy in a region of the North Sea that has some of the world’s highest and consistent wind speeds.

Powerful results

Once Gemini is operational in 2017, the wind farm will generate clean, endless renewable wind energy for 1.5 million people in the Netherlands.
Moreover, Gemini will make a significant contribution towards achieving the Netherlands and European Union’s renewable energy targets. It is anticipated that the wind farm will reduce the Netherlands’ CO₂ by 1.25 million tons per year. This will enable Gemini to play an important role in the global transition towards a more sustainable future.

Biggest in funding

The Gemini Wind Park is the biggest renewable energy project in the world that is funded on a project basis. This form of funding means that the parties providing loans only have the project and project revenues as security. They have thus no recourse to the owners of the wind farm, which means that the banks set high demands on the quality of the project. Gemini passed the strictest tests with flying colours, partly due to our powerful people. Banks from three continents have placed their trust in Gemini.

On the spot

Aleksandr Ananko, Rigger foreman at Gemini, adds, “My responsibility is to organise the work on deck, ensure that the Riggers did their work correctly and, if necessary, assist them. I really enjoy working for iPS, and I would be happy to continue to work with them in the future”.

Dmitrij Avdejev, Rigger foreman at Gemini, says that his most exciting and interesting job was when iPS introduced him to the energy industry. “I worked on the sphere of wind mills. While working in this industry, I found a lot of interesting things. It’s good to see that the professionalism of the teams is improving and growing. It pleases me to work in a team like iPS”.

Suez Canal

From Jan 2013 till Dec 2014

The maritime industry is almost as old as the Egyptian history itself. From an early age, Egyptians were exploring and looking for the shortest routes to get there. The Suez Canal is a very good example of this and it is the key waterway connecting the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Opened 17 November 1869, after 10 years of construction, it allows ships to travel between Europe and South Asia without navigating around Africa thereby reducing the sea voyage distance between Europe and India by about 7,000 kilometres. 

The New Suez Canal project, which will minimise the amount of time ships spend crossing the current Canal, involved the construction of a 35-kilometer canal parallel to the current Canal.

Additionally, the Suez Canal was made deeper and wider to admit larger ships. This aspect of the project has been completed and was launched in early August 2015. But was not the end of the project. In the long-run, the project also aims to develop the entire region surrounding the Suez Canal, turning the strategic waterway into a comprehensive global business centre which will provide maritime transport services. The services include repairing ships, refuelling, towing and rescuing, painting & cleaning ships and loading and unloading them. The project will see the creation of industrial and logistical centres, as well as centres for packing and packaging. As part of the project, ports will be launched at the entrances of the Canal to put Egypt on the global supply chain map.

Funding method

The cost of creating a parallel waterway by a dredging consortium for US$ 1.5 billion and additional works at a cost of around US$6.8 billion was raised by the Egyptian government within six days by issuing five-year investment certificates at an interest rate of 12 percent. This is the highest interest rate for this type of scheme.

Affecting the world trade traffic

The new parallel canal contributes to the doubling of the size of the Suez Canal. Around 97 ships are expected to cross the Canal  daily  by 2023, while the number of ships crossing the canal   daily   before the project was launched was approximately 49. The Suez Canal can accommodate all kinds of ships, especially giant oil tankers, and cuts down on traffic time, thereby saving costs. iPS was proud to be part of this prestigious project.

Closer look

For this project iPS provided numerous Camp-bosses for several accommodation barges. 

Australian Michael O’Brien was a Camp-boss on the accommodation barge the “Bellini” which was used during the project. The Belllini has a capacity of 82 cabins together with recreational spaces, offices, workstations and meeting rooms.

Michael, “I found it a challenging position, mainly due to the number of nationalities that were accommodated on the barges, trying to maintain a sense of order & harmony amongst so many different nationalities, religions, & demographics of people was not only challenging, but most of the time rewarding and enjoyable.

Dealing with the catering crew had its own challenges, the local work force were at most times a pleasure to work with, but on occasion could be difficult as well. The Dredging crews & associated vessels were very understanding during trying times, just as long as you kept them informed of situations and didn’t ignore requests. If you greeted them with a smile & hello after they returned from shift they would return you with a pleasant greeting. Overall a very enjoyable experience”


From Nov 2015 till Nov 2016

London has always been a successful trading city. Because of this success, London was getting busier and busier and it took too much time to get around town. The solution for a smooth transportation system: ‘Crossrail’ The creation of a brand new subterranean rail link beneath the heart of London. It consists of twin tunnels running parallel from Paddington in the west, to Essex and Kent in the east. In addition stations at Victoria, Tottenham Court Road, Bond Street, Whitechapel and Farringdon were upgraded to allow more efficient passenger flow.

The project funded by the UK government has a value of almost £15 Billion. "Crossrail will add at least £20 billion to the economy and employ some 10,000 people during the lifetime of the project”.

The twin tunnels have a combined length of 42 Kms with an excavated diameter of 7.1 metres, around 5 million tons of 55 million year old London clay has been excavated and will be used to create a new nature reserve at Wallasea Island.

In total nearly 70 million working hours have been completed on the Crossrail programme so far, with the project employing over 10,000 people across more than 40 worksites throughout London and the south-east.

iPS is proud to have been included in the supply chain for this prestigious project. Over a three year period we have supplied specialists for a range of activities within the project such as the TBM tunnelling, SCL Excavations and Mechanical & Electrical installations. 

Bangalore Metro

From Nov 2015 till Nov 2017

India is on the move. Its habitants are hardworking people who are trying to do business all over town, at a high pace. And because Bangalore is the second biggest city in the most crowded place on earth, a solution for efficient public transport was needed. It was time for Namma Metro (literally: Our Metro).
The on-going metro project in the Indian city started in 2013. It will create the first underground section of the Bangalore metro thereby supplementing the already running elevated sections. Phase two is being planned as you read which will be involving about 12 kilometers of further tunnelling.

During the project, one Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) encountered unexpected geological structures causing aggravated wear to crucial components. The TBM became stuck in the ground beneath the in and out railway lines of Bangalore main station. iPS was consulted and asked to find a solution to the problem and restart the TBM. The procedure adopted was to create a shaft to the side of the railway lines and a short tunnel back to the TBM, big enough to push the TBM through into the shaft where the cutter head could be replaced and major repairs undertaken.

In August 2015 the TBM was in the final stages of refurbishment and  was relaunched in September. The excavation of the final 630 meters is hoped to be completed by January 2016 and will be undertaken by a joint venture between iPS and Drillcon Infrastructure Ltd., an Indian contractor with significant tunnelling experience.


From Nov 2015 till Nov 2017

Germany is always on the move and is known for its modern, high quality and spot-on production. As the quality standards are extremely high, it comes as no surprise that (in Northern Germany, near Hamburg) an existing pipeline network is being modernized. iPS was chosen to provide qualified staff for this project.

The purpose of the new construction is mainly to serve as a carrier for two high-pressure gas pipelines of 750 mm diameters. These pipelines play a very important role within the pan-European gas network and contribute not only to the gas supply for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, but also to the Scandinavian market.      

The breakthrough utilizing a micro-tunnelling machine, used by Dutch contractor A-Hak Drillcon, has closed a decisive gap in the construction of the two new gas pipelines. The 1.5-kilometer route runs up to depths of 35 meters under the Elbe through various, complex geological zones. After tunnelling for a total of 112 days the Elbedüker project was mastered just in time to celebrate Saint Barbara’s feast day – the patron saint of tunnel builders and miners.             

The tunnel was driven by a pipe-jacking process from Hetlingen to the target shaft on Lühesand Island on the Elbe. The diverse geology ranged from sandy gravel soil with stones through layers of boulder clay. Everyone involved was aware of the huge technical challenges associated with the construction. 

Bangalore Metro

From Oct 2011 till May 2016

Coastal projects

In April 2016 we proudly finished the Bangalore metro project in India. iPS was contracted to lead the mission to rescue, refurbish and operate the TBM for the completion of the remaining 630 meters of tunnel excavation. We sat down with our client, Sharad Kumar of coastal projects.

Kumar started his career as a tunnel engineer in the tunnelling industry in 1985. At the moment he is the Director of Operations at Coastal Projects.

“I am responsible for all the operations of our company. It is a very challenging job and requires significant industry knowledge to make the right decisions for the company. Coastal Projects is one of the few companies in India that is specialised in underground tunnelling. As Coastal Projects we are proud to say we have managed to become one of the leading tunnelling companies in India. The Bangalore Metro project was the first metro project for our company. Before taking the metro project we did several other TBM projects. Metro projects are a challenge as they always take place in city centres with the associated space and access restrictions, we also had to ensure the public were not unnecessarily inconvenienced. Safety concerns and timeframe issues also played a role in the whole process.

Circumstances and geological challenges made it difficult at times but, in the end, it was a successful project. I think it is important to conduct the work in the right manner acceptable to the client. We have learned a lot and I believe the same goes for the client.
We did not know about iPS as they were not operating in India yet. We were looking for a competent tunnelling company to rescue and repair a TBM that had become stuck underground. It was a very difficult project as our TBM got stuck in the ground in the middle of the town and we needed rescuing by a professional. It was even more difficult because they had to deal with an existing team. A lot of knowledge and calculations were needed in order to move forward with the TBM. While searching we found a few names and one of those mentioned iPS. We did further research on their experience by reading through the website and a tunnelling magazine. Afterwards we contacted the company.

Our first contact with iPS was with Barrie Willis (manager tunnelling of iPS), who is very knowledgeable. The technical team of iPS is very competent, we were very happy with their in-depth knowledge. It was very satisfactory to work together and get the project done. After it was finished we have heard that the metro capacity was exceeded already within two weeks after the opening of the metro line. In the end, it turned from negativity to positivity. We just had to be patient. Approximately 150.000 people are using the line every day now. The metros are really good substitutes for road traffic, because they are riding out of sight, underground.

For our next projects we need to make sure we bring the right expertise on the project again. Our intention was to make sure that our Indian crew would acquire technical competencies and run the TBMs by themselves. Normally, when a random company comes in India and brings its own team, the problem is that it does not involve locals much, if not at all. iPS was different in this as it employed quite a number of locals and provided training where needed. Here in Bangalore we wanted to focus on Indian workers. Ninety to ninety-five percent of our team consisted of locals. We hope to take the same approach for future projects.

I think iPS should be more active in India especially after having completed such a wonderful project as this.”

Our core values

1.We strive for customer satisfaction

2. Integrity and responsibility in everything we do

3. We work in an open climate

4. We develop people´s talent

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We create

The iPS Consultants/Recruiters have the relevant experience and connections in our markets to select the best professionals. We understand the demands of our clients and we care about the needs of our candidates. With our vast pool of international candidates, worldwide connections and knowledge of the industry, we are committed to find the perfect match for both the client and the candidate. You can see us as a valuable partner within an ongoing relationship. 

What can you expect of iPS?

High global and personal service, transparency, qualified temporary workers, flexible and professional staffing solutions, 24/7 responsiveness and full cross-border payroll services.

Global staffing solutions

iPS is the leading source for staffing solutions in all aspects of our industries. iPS has experience in recruiting highly qualified personnel with experience from a single specialist to a full team. Our consultants are able to attract qualified personnel to select and send out from every corner of the world.
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iPS Mexico

Our two offices in Mexico are charged with responding to the growing business opportunities in Latin America. ‘Full crew’ was rebranded to 'iPS – Powerful People’ in september 2015 to identify us as one company. Guido van der Zwet is our manager Latin America, he works in our office in Mexico City.

“Since 15th January 2013 I am pleased to be the manager of the Latin America region. Having a challenging job with different clients and different candidates every day motivates me. The Mexican Energy Reform plays an important role in the development of the energy market in Mexico. It is great to be part of this historical event.
I came to this company via the former business manager Latin America, who is a friend of mine. We played football together in Mexico. The charm of the job is that there is never a boring day. My days are filled with meetings, travelling, events and sometimes administration. Each day I keep contact with the different teams within the local offices: Finance, front office and the office in Ciudad del Carmen. Another big part of the daily activities is business development, which consists of meeting clients, reading the news, approaching new clients and contacts. Another part of an average day is finding candidates, solving day to day administration and management issues, logistics and optimising the services we provide.

The variation of the job and the great team I have around me that gets the job done, is what is important to me. I would describe my job with these three words: ‘Challenging, Flexible and Adventurous’. My personal goal is to become the overall responsible person for the region, to have offices in various countries and cities throughout the Americas. We follow the expanding business and therefore we have to be flexible in our decisions and future plans.
Apart from my management job, I am also active in the Dutch Energy Association, which is a non-profit, self-supporting, pro-active organization that is dedicated to promoting trade, investment and business development between Mexico and the Netherlands in the energy sector.

There were several highlights during the year; I always enjoy the ‘Congreso Mexicano del Petroleo’ which is the biggest trade fair in Mexico in oil and gas, where we meet new and existing clients. Another highlight is at the end of the year, when we try to avoid crew changes between Christmas and New Year. It is always a challenge to have the right people on board in this week. We have done this successfully over the last years and that is a very satisfying feeling. Other challenging highlights are: starting with a new client, the excitement of starting a project, finding the right people.
In 5 to 10 years the Mexican team will be an established name on the Mexican market. We already have a good reputation in the industry but we want to be part of the Energy Reform and grow, together with the new operators and companies coming into Mexico. Plus, we will have a diverse client database and stable growth; we will be known as the most trustworthy and professional personnel provider in Mexico and surrounding countries.” 

iPS Dubai

Our office in Dubai keeps an eye on the industry in the Middle Eastern region and is the international personnel solutions provider for the maritime, offshore, oil and gas and tunnelling industries. Boudewijn Blatter is our manager Middle East and is responsible for our office in Dubai.

“I started working for iPS in Mexico, to set up a local office there. After 5 years in Mexico I got the chance to move back to headquarters in the Netherlands and later I moved to the office in Dubai. My current responsibilities cover the Middle Eastern region. It has already been 8 years since I started working with iPS. I like to be able to contribute to the expanding business of iPS, which I definitely see as a motivating factor in my job.

Years ago, I was looking for a job in Mexico. I contacted a friend who was working in Mexico and asked him if I could visit him to look around in his working environment and search for job opportunities. He told me that he had started working with another company in another country, so I kindly asked him to send my CV to his former employer. He did, and later on I received an e-mail from the director of iPS. We arranged a meeting and it appeared that iPS needed someone in Mexico. The match was made and that is how I started working with iPS.

To describe my job, I would use the words, ‘Dynamic, Entrepreneurial and International’. I have a dynamic and flexible job. I don’t spend each day at the office and I get to travel in- and outside the UAE. For example, I get to travel to Bahrain, Iran, Oman and Qatar and many more places. I meet candidates and clients and work on our client base, or try to expand the base and to keep it up to date. A typical day at the office involves being in touch with clients and candidates and searching for new business opportunities.

For me, iPS is a very supportive and entrepreneurial company, potential ideas are always supported. We get a lot of room to realise our own initiatives and that is why I feel free in my work. If something should go wrong, I know iPS will always be there to offer assistance. Of course, it is important that we show our best and put effort in our work, but iPS believes in its own people and supports whenever that is necessairy. Our latest project was with one of our clients, Jack-Up Barge, for International Personnel Supply Offshore Abu Dhabi. This concerned providing all the crew for their barges and providing training, contracts and insurances.

In the near future I hope to have brought iPS to a next level and that our brand will be on a continuously rising spot in this region. I also wish to expand our business to other countries and be responsible for this expansion. Maybe in the United States, Africa or Singapore. Another aim is that companies will not only contact us for recruitment but also for international HR, taxes and payrolling solutions and advice.”

During the Offshore Achievement Awards for Jack Up Rig & Lift boat in Dubai on October 3rd, our peers voted for us as “best in category”, resulting in iPS winning the “Excellence Oil and Gas HR” award!

iPS Germany

With major growth opportunities in Germany, iPS is setting foot in this market with a local office in Hamburg. It is up to Simon Schumacher [business manager Germany, ed.] to bring in new business and get iPS up to speed in this interesting market. Reasons enough to interview him.

“The way I came across iPS was an unusual coincidence. I was at a birthday party of a friend and got into a conversation with a guy. I mentioned that I was looking for a new challenge and after about three hours we agreed to meet in the office. What I didn’t realise is that I had already past the first interview, because communication is key in this business. You need to be on the road to meet and talk to new people. You can’t plan everything, sometimes the best business relationships start by coincidence.

In our business there are no typical 9-5 jobs, it is like a rollercoaster going up and down all the time. We need to act on our clients’ needs – you can’t just sit and wait, you need to react. That is why I will be visiting both existing and new clients as we strive to expand our business in the northern region, especially in Germany. Information is vital and it is important to be up to date and search all kinds of newsfeeds for information.

What can be more motivating than building a business from scratch? Hamburg is like an offshore-city where a lot of companies are represented. No need to travel far to meet with a lot of important potential clients. This will enable us to expand our iPS-network. Being new to the business I believe I can develop innovative ideas from a different perspective. Operating worldwide, iPS offers a lot of opportunities, not just now, but also in the future. While the energy industry is growing, building up new businesses will be highly attractive.

I am looking forward to enter this challenge. The services iPS offers do not only help our current clients but are also interesting for our future clients. It is very exciting to be part of the Offshore Wind Sector and to play a part in creating a greener planet. It isn’t only supply and demand but also having a good relationship with the client and being able to anticipate on their needs and deliver accordingly. Listening is key if you want to add value for your clients.

Since I joined iPS, one of the highlights has been my visit to WindEnergy in Hamburg in September. This conference provides a good platform for the offshore business in the Northern European Market and, of course, especially in Germany. Besides that I had the chance to visit Van Oord’s ‘Aeolis’, one of the biggest Jack-Up Barge vessels operating in the North Sea. The size of the vessel is fascinating and it is important to see what the people we are providing have to deal with on a daily basis.

Starting the office in Germany offers a unique opportunity for iPS and myself. Our principal goal is to expand the existing network in Germany. Although I have just started at iPS, it already feels like family. I have noticed that the company really takes care of all its employees. There is a good work-life balance, which is very important because business development is more like a marathon then a ‘100 meters sprint’.
iPS has already worked for several companies involved in German projects. I am convinced that there are many opportunities for iPS to build up a good foundation for the future. With that in mind we have the best qualifications for a bright future. I look forward to personally building up a team in Germany: sharing the vision, establishing goals, training the team, and watching the results.”

iPS Baltics

iPS Baltics is one of our agencies. It is located in Klaipeda and provides personnel from the Baltic States, specialising in human resources and payroll solutions for maritime and offshore industries. Furthermore, it has developed an online platform to connect jobseekers and employers.

Gediminas Usas is the director of iPS Baltics, he has over five years experience in the business. “We operate in the maritime and offshore industries and established our partnership with iPS in 2014. Since then we have worked closely together. We believe that this partnership is vital for iPS Baltics’s growth. Knowing that I am on the right track and I am doing the things that make me sincerely happy, are big motivators for me. To me, my job is interesting, surprising and very fast moving. When I arrive at the office, most of the times it seems that it will be a quiet day, but usually it turns out to be quite the opposite. At the end of every day I have done so many unexpected things – including fulfilling many vacancies, finding new candidates, motivating our team and increasing our company’s value.

The biggest highlight of last year was the birth of my daughter, I can say that she has changed my life completely. Speaking about business, the oil and gas crisis opened a different attitude to this business. Unexpectedly, many huge companies went bankrupt one after another, which has an enormeous impact on other businesses. You can never stop or start feeling safe and / or comfortable, you always have to look for new opportunities and new challenges. I am happy to have fulfilled my dream, which was to become a director of a well-known company in the maritime industry. I am satisfied with the things I have achieved, but I also want to expand our company in the upcoming years. I could describe my job as; “Exciting, Dynamic and Authoritative”. My personal goals are to acquire financial freedom and make my family happy. The most important things for me are my baby girl and my wife, I am doing the best to make their dreams come true.

Our team was very excited when we had managed to find a full crew for one of iPS’ projects in a few days, prepared all the documents and sent them on the vessel. This shows that we are a great, team working company, excited about what we are doing.
In the last two years my team and I have managed to achieve good things, which makes me feel absolutely satisfied. In 5 to 10 years I hope iPS Baltics will be the biggest, most valuable and respected crewing company in the Baltic States and we will have 100-200 employees at our head office.”

Industry Associations

The iPS Consultants have the relevant experience and connections in our markets to select the best professionals. In order to stay up to date, iPS is proud member of: